Fragen Sie uns einfach!

    We are proud of our staff and colleagues and we know how hard it is to find, retain and develop the best people. Time and personnel are currently some of the rarest resources out there, so why not just outsource functions such as bookkeeping, payroll, or at least the various accounting processes? Our team is deployed in many different sectors and works with our clients in many different ways, be it online, at one of our offices, or in-company. Regardless of how or where we work, we always place great emphasis on establishing close and trusting relationships with our clients. We look forward to working with you.


    Accurate bookkeeping is the foundation of every business. In the coming years, IT solutions will almost completely displace classical bookkeeping. This makes sense and we cannot wait to provide our clients with the advantages this transformation will bring. Instead of just processing your receipts, we will be able to provide you with the numbers that you need quickly and give you the best and most reliable advice. We have already been deploying digital receipts, OCR recognition, API connection and machine learning for quite a while now. We connect different systems and use interfaces and APIs in order to simplify the transfer of data. Of course, we still create exact monthly statements and take care of all relevant bookkeeping tasks, on time, every time.

    Wages and Salaries

    It goes without saying that ba offers both standard and digital payroll services as well as taking care of the associated correspondence with health insurances, pension providers and financial authorities. In doing so, we also develop individual solutions for the optimisation of net salaries.

    Process Optimisation / Digitalization

    We recognise all of the advantages digitalisation has to offer and actively guide our clients through the digital transformation. We closely monitor and test the latest technologies, by selecting and integrating the best tools into our range of services. This means that both we and our clients have access to cutting-edge digital solutions and processes that increase efficiency and simplify work processes within all accounting areas. It goes without saying that this includes important procedural documentation. We focus on getting the relevant staff on board, involving them in the process and getting them excited about new approaches and solutions. Don’t believe us? How can it be done? Just ask the companies that we work with.