Fragen Sie uns einfach!

    In the Middle of it all – Interfaces Aplenty.

    We are not going to start speculating about how e-commerce impacts to all of us. It’s best that everyone decides for themselves whether to book rental cars or buy fresh kiwis, instant soup, spare parts online.

    Your Digital Accountant Loves E-Commerce.

    We decided to go E-Commerce years ago, first and foremost, strategically, as one of the core topics of our already completely digital tax consulting firm and because it is an exciting, growing market. This is why we as tax consultants were able to handle the largest of booking volumes in digital form at a very early stage. We are able to recognize the advantages of innovative, new tools on the market at an early stage and then use them accordingly.
    In fact, we are now even able to develop our own tools and solutions together with our clients, but also for ourselves. This not only increases the efficiency and quality of bookkeeping, annual financial statements and tax returns, but also significantly reduces VAT risks. That is our great motivator.

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