Fragen Sie uns einfach!

    Do you look forward to your next audit? We do. The comparison of targeted and actual figures is more than just a technical exercise for us; it is the first step in gaining a deeper understanding of your business and your interests. We offer much more than just an attestation or confirmation of your business activities. We think ahead, aiming to improve your company’s performance, as well as recognise and prevent future risks. This is what our clients appreciate and this is what we love to do.

    Audit of Financial Statements

    Digitalisation is a huge opportunity for our sector. It is vital that you take full advantage of the possibilities available. Thanks to our internal Digi-Lab, our managers and partners are able to develop tailor-made digital solutions. We use the capacities that this frees up in order to think outside the box. Our pool of experts enable us to find the right sparring partner for each client, regardless of size or sector. Reliability and adherence to timelines and budgets are a matter of course.

    Internal Audit

    The world keeps on turning and so does the world of the ba-Group. The ability to identify, assess and prevent future risks is key to the success of your company. The same can be said about the recognition and exploitation of emerging opportunities. The goal is to be one of the best in the game, or even to be ahead of it. Let us work together, as your partner, companion, and supporter. At a global level, we are also helping to drive the value of internal audits: with our innovative ideas, guidance, deployment of cutting-edge technology, and our wealth of experience in this complex field.

    Corporate Finance

    The only thing that is constant is change. If your enterprise is facing change, we can provide you with constructive support in dealing with the resulting challenges, whether these involve the purchase or sale of a company, the addition of new partners or the search for investors. With our due diligence audits we can recognise potential, perform evaluations, and make recommendations. This can take the form of either a standard report or short red-flag-reports.

    Other Audits

    In addition to the auditing of financial statements we also perform special audits pursuant to German law, such as: GmbHG, AKtG, HGrG, MaBV, FinVermV, KWG and WPHG, KWKG and EEG, and DSD. If you still cannot find what you are looking for – just contact us, we will find the right solution for you.