Partner Harald Aigner Mehr Partner Harald Aigner

Harald Aigner



Team Reutlingen

Specialist focus: International accounting, SMEs, mechanical engineering

Career stages: Ten years of Big Four experience at EY (two of which spent in the USA), over 20 years of professional experience

Joined the company in: 2011

Hobbies: Gardening, fitness, tennis and good wine

What really matters: Solution-oriented thinking not problem-oriented; short processing times as well as fast and pragmatic handling of enquiries;
Guiding principle: a healthy body makes a healthy mind

What he can’t stand: Not keeping appointments

Partner Maximilian Amon Mehr Partner Maximilian Amon

Maximilian Amon

Vereidigter Buchprüfer


Team München

Specialist focus:Charitable institutions and non-profit organisations
Succession planning, inheritance and gift tax, corporate restructuring

Career stages: Auditor/tax consultant at Dr Siegfried Zitzelsberger, Munich, 1986-1997
self-employed since 1997

Joined the company in: 2015

Hobbies: Skiing, football, opera, local politics and professional policy

What really matters: Family, honesty, reliability, kindness, humour

What he can’t stand: Superficiality, discrimination, doing the dishes

Partner Achim Betz Mehr Partner Achim Betz

Achim Betz



Team Stuttgart

Specialist focus: Advising physicians, succession, SMEs, mechanical engineering

Career stages: Six years of Big Four experience at EY (two of which spent in Brazil)

Joined the company in: 2014, 19 years of professional experience

Hobbies: Gardening, mountain biking, skiing and photography

What really matters: Reliability, efficacy and speed are particularly important to me in relation to my clients. At the same time, I place a high value on the reduction of complexity. The goal is to handle all administrative processes in as uncomplicated and efficient a manner as possible, so that we can properly focus on the important issues and problems

What he can’t stand: Superficiality

Partner Ulrich Britting Mehr Partner Ulrich Britting

Ulrich Britting


US Certified Public Accountant

Team Berlin / Hamburg

Specialist focus: International topics, technology and start-ups, digitalisation

Career stages: Five years of Big Four experience (Andersen/EY), EMEA and World Board Member PrimeGlobal

Joined the company in: 2008

Hobbies: Rowing, sports, travelling, USA

What really matters: Openness, pragmatic solutions, fairness, community, family

What he can’t stand: Narcissism, egoism, laziness

Partner Markus Feichtenbeiner Mehr Partner Markus Feichtenbeiner

Markus Feichtenbeiner



Team Stuttgart

Specialist focus: Auditing, succession planning, restructuring, international auditing

Career stages: Ten years of Big Four experience at EY and KPMG (two of which spent in Brazil)

Joined the company in: 2014, 19 years of professional experience

Hobbies: Football and literature

What really matters: Being open-minded and curious when encountering new ideas and being able to independently practice my profession are the things that motivate me on a daily basis to carry out my profession

What he can’t stand: poor food

Partner Arne Keller Mehr Partner Arne Keller

Arne Keller

Tax Consultant

Team Hamburg

Areas of Expertise:
International Tax Consultancy, Payroll Tax, Income Tax

Career Path: Deutsche Kreditbank, Big Four Experience (Deloitte)

With the company since: 2019

Hobbies: Sports, Hockey, Skiing, Fitness, Travelling

What’s important to him: Honesty, Commitment, Trust, Personal Responsibility and Solidarity

What he doesn’t like: Stagnancy, Superficiality, Intolerance

Partner Steffen Langner Mehr Partner Steffen Langner

Steffen Langner



Team Berlin

Specialist focus: Auditing, restructuring consulting, corporate finance

Career stages: Ernst & Young, MAZARS and DENTONS

Joined the company in: 2016

Hobbies: Anything that is fast and has four wheels – even more so if I’m the one behind the steering wheel, travelling, enjoying art, culture and food with the family

What really matters: Close cooperation with the client, my team and facts. The right solution for the respective situation or challenge.
Being open to specialist topics, professional development, new cultures, countries, places and everything life has to offer. Combining travel with my passion for cars

What he can’t stand: When technology lets you down or keeps you waiting. Cooked strawberries!

Partner Harald Lauber Mehr Partner Harald Lauber

Harald Lauber



Team Frankfurt

Specialist focus: Real estate, partnerships

Career stages: Big Four (eight years, two of which spent abroad), listed plc (two years), medium-sized auditing firm (six years), then self-employed (since 1996)

Joined the company: right at the start

Hobbies: Porsche, sports

What really matters: Openness, speed, variety

What he can’t stand: Lame excuses

Partner Christian Makowka Mehr Partner Christian Makowka

Christian Makowka



Team Hannover

Specialist focus: Property and project development, production, German accounting and tax law

Career stages: Five years of Big Four experience at Deloitte, afterwards SME auditor, self-employed for the last 16 years

Joined the company in: 2011

Hobbies: Music, motorcycles, Hannover 96 football club, golf holidays

What really matters: Reliability

What he can’t stand: Commitments that were never meant seriously to begin with

Partner Marion Moser Mehr Partner Marion Moser

Marion Moser



Team Reutlingen

Specialist focus: Commercial and international accounting, tax law and business consulting

Career stages: continuously at medium-sized auditing firms, 14 years of professional experience

Joined the company in: 2013

Hobbies: Hiking, yoga, travelling, skiing, music

What really matters: Openness, reliability, diligence, taking responsibility, healthy food

What she can’t stand: Bad moods, superficiality, negligence

Partner Dr. Sören Peters Mehr Partner Dr. Sören Peters

Dr. Sören Peters


Team Hannover

Specialist focus: Commercial law and international accounting, business valuation, comprehensive consulting for SMEs

Career stages: Nine years of Big Four experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers, followed by medium-sized auditing firms

Joined the company in: July 2015

Hobbies: Hunting, the Round Table Association, football, maintaining the garden and courtyard

What really matters: Staying committed, long-term relationships and shared success

What he can’t stand: Long decision-making processes

Partner Enrico Spröh Mehr Partner Enrico Spröh

Enrico Spröh



Team Dresden

Specialist focus: Advising contractual partners from various international franchise systems

Career stages:

Joined the company in:


What really matters: Consulting is not just about answering questions correctly, but about working together with the client to develop solutions and identifying alternative courses of action in doing so. Thanks to my many years spent working abroad, I am no stranger to international issues

What he can’t stand:

Partner Neele Wehmeyer Mehr Partner Neele Wehmeyer

Neele Wehmeyer



Team Hamburg

Specialist focus: International tax law and consultancy for start-ups

Career stages:

Joined the company in:


What really matters: It’s important for me to establish a balance between the demanding tasks in tax law, my role as managing director at Best Audit, and my family in order to show my team that it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation

What she can’t stand: What I don’t like is making decisions without an in-depth analysis of the implications; it is always important to find the right balance between precision and speed, both professionally and privately

Partner Andreas Wenzel Mehr Partner Andreas Wenzel

Andreas Wenzel



Team Hannover

Specialist focus: Accounting, production, gastronomy

Career stages: has worked continuously at medium-sized auditing firms since February 1996, self-employed since June 2003

Joined the company in: 2011

Hobbies: Sports (hiking, running, biking, canoeing, anything outdoors), reading, gardening

What really matters: Commitment, authenticity

What he can’t stand: “That too, but …”